My soaps are handmade from only natural ingredients; oils, butters, natural colourings and pure essential oils.  In addition there is botanicals selected to produce a range of soaps that have different properties for different skin needs.  The foundation ingredients are:

  • Olive oil is a very skin friendly oil and a key ingredient in my soaps. It’s a thick oil that moisturizes the skin and creates a creamy soap.
  • Sweet Almond oil is high in Vitamin A and nourishing fatty acids.  It feels lovely on the skin and helps to nourish and moisturize dry skin.
  • Shea butter has luxurious moisturizing properties for the skin.  It is high in unsaponifiable nutrients.
  • Coconut oil is really cleansing and produces large bubbles.  It is high in lauric acid.
  • Castor oil is high in Ricinoleic acid which helps protect skin against harmful bacteria, alleviates itchiness and reduces acne.  It draws moisture to the skin and creates amazing lather in soap

My soaps are cold pressed in small batches and cured for at least 4 weeks.